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Frequently Asked Questions
about online giving at gpbc

Why is GPBC offering online giving as an option?
Surveys show that more than 75% of Americans use online methods to view and pay bills on a regular basis. Many have virtually eliminated paper checks for any of their business purposes. Online Giving is offered in support of the way many people prefer to manage their finances in a high-tech age. (* source: 2008 Consumer Banking and Bill Pay Survey)

Is my Donation Secure?
Yes. GPBC contracts for secure payment systems with merchant services providers that have achieved PCI Level 1 certification – the highest level of security certification for a credit and debit card processor. Your donation is quickly and securely recorded and funds transferred to GPBC at your direction.

Are my Donation Details Secure?
Yes. Your donation record is processed directly by the accounting personnel of GPBC in the same confidentiality as donations given in the offering plate during any service. Online donations are reported on your annual Giving Record in the same manner as all other donations given to GPBC.

Are my Debit/Credit Card Numbers Secure?
We contract with vendors to provide card services for these types of contributions and payments. Our vendors are required to be compliant with all laws and regulations regarding card security, as well as following industry standards for best practices in integrity and data security. It is the policy of Greater Portland Baptist Church and Greater Portland Christian Academy that we do not accept or retain cardholder data in any manner, either in paper or electronic form. In the event of a security breach or potential security breach involving our vendors, we will work with our vendor’s security departments to inform and assist impacted individuals as directed by the vendor.

Can I Donate directly from my Checking / Savings Account?
Yes. Online donations from checking or savings accounts (often referred to as "Electronic Checks", "Direct Debit" or "ACH transfers") is the preferred method for donating online to GPBC, as it is the most cost-effective method of giving online (a 1% transaction fee is charged to the church account for each online donation processed).

Can I Donate using my Debit / Credit card?
Yes. Online donations using Debit / Credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card). There is a $.30 transaction fee charged to the church account for each online donation processed. In addition, when using a Debit / Credit card, the credit card network ("merchant services") will assess 2.6% processing fee to the church for each transaction. Note: due to significantly higher processing fees, we are not offering AMEX or DISCOVER transactions at this time.

Can I Designate my Donation to specific funds?
Yes. Donations can be designated for Tithes, Missions, Dream Fund, and Other special offerings. (Note: all designations shall be considered non-binding suggestions.)

Will I Receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes. A transaction confirmation is generated immediately when you make an online donation to GPBC. You will also receive an email confirming the details of your donation. (The email will come from with the title "Gift to Greater Portland Baptist successful".) Through the secure login process, donors can view their online giving history at any time.

Can I set up Recurring Donations?
Yes. Donation schedules can be set up as "weekly", "every two weeks", “1st & 15th” or "monthly". You control the frequency, and can change frequencies at any time by logging into your secure account portal.

What if I lose or forget my login information?
The office personnel at GPBC can reset your account information at your request. Send your request to If you have any other questions or concerns, please call the church office (503) 761-1136 or email your inquiry to Thank you for your interest in online giving to Greater Portland Baptist Church.

Revised 3/24/2017