Located on more than four acres of land in southeast Portland, Greater Portland Baptist Church (GPBC) is experiencing the blessing of God in its ministry of taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Greater Portland Baptist Church began in 1982 when Pastor Rick Adams and his family moved to Portland in August after his graduation from Bible College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Rick Adams
Pastor Adams came to Portland for the express purpose of starting an independent, Bible-believing Baptist church. Not knowing anyone, he began to visit from door to door and invite people to come to GPBC's first service. On October 24, 1982, GPBC had its first service in a rented Seventh Day Adventist hall with 54 people in attendance.

The Lord has richly blessed GPBC, as its central purpose has been to reach people for Christ in the Portland area and throughout the world. After two years, the church had grown into a stable and strong body spiritually, numerically, and financially.

GPBC's first property was a disbanded church purchased from the Conservative Baptist Association in September 1984. During the following year, the church attendance increased from an average of 85 to 150 people. In 1986, it became obvious that GPBC could not grow any further without an increase in auditorium and Sunday school capacity. Because of this, the church began searching for a larger piece of property.

Thanks to the blessing of the Lord, GPBC found a suitable facility located at 17800 SE Main Street in Portland. The 24,400 square-foot building stands on 4.5 acres of land. The original single-story building was built in 1965 and now serves as a Sunday school wing. The two-story wood-frame auditorium and office area was built in 1980.

GPBC purchased these buildings and moved into them in July 1989. At that time an average of 300 people attended the Sunday morning services. In 1998-99 a complete remodel of the church facilities was finished.

Soon after our major remodeling project, it became obvious that additional Sunday School space would be needed to facilitate future growth. GPBC, under the leadership of Pastor Adams and our deacons introduced the plans for a new, multi-purpose building. Construction on this project began in July 2003, and we occupied the facilities in June 2004. With sixteen new classrooms, a commercial kitchen, gymnasium and additional office space, GPBC is excited about the potential of future ministries and growth this addition will accommodate.

We sincerely believe that the future for GPBC is as bright as the promises of God.

GPBC has thriving youth and bus ministries and sees many souls saved and baptized every year. GPBC also is involved in world wide evangelism with an exciting "faith promise" giving program, currently supporting over 100 missionaries across the country and around the world.

The Church Pastoral staff consists of Senior Pastor Rick Adams and Assistant Pastors Brad McFeters, Bob Boyd, Scott McFeters and Andrew Watson.