College and career

One of the most important life-stages every young person faces is the transition from teen to adult. With greater freedom also comes greater trials and testing of the faith.

Young adults come face to face with the challenge of making their faith their own, and no longer being carried by the faith of their family. With greater needs for fellowship, greater opportunities for service, and greater understanding of the things of Christ, young adults will find their needs met in the New Horizons Ministries of GPBC.

Sound, biblically-based studies with real life applications, regular activities and opportunities to put faith in action in the ministries of the church, all are found in the New Horizons Ministries. Under the leading of Assistant Pastor Greg Adams, with classroom instruction led by Bro. Tristan Harmon, the New Horizons College and Career class is the place for single adults from 18-25 years of age.